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Thread: Very cool website

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    fast but wrong

    It was fast but zeroed in on the house across the street. Couldn't get it to turn the opposite way.
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    By some of the comments this sounds like a street view, is the correct?
    I only get the satellite view.
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    You end up with the same picture you would get using Zillow or

    One neat thing to do is put in the address where you lived 40 years ago.

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    Zeroed right in fast, but it missed by about 20 miles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brewmeister View Post
    I couldn't down load a picture of my house? any sugestions? -thanks!
    you can copy a screen image (command-shift-3 (or 4) on a mac or the 'print screen' key on a PC and paste into a photo app) and print that. The site is fast, seems to use google images and street view. Interestingly, my old HS and Elem Schools were on street view but satellite view they were both empty fields! A neat feature of Zillow missing here is you can get North, South, East and West oblique views of a location.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    By some of the comments this sounds like a street view, is the correct?
    I only get the satellite view.
    When I compared my result to flying over on SW Airlines that's what I was saying-aerial view but ours is only off by ~ 3 miles, which is a long ways when your looking for an unmarked private road. I know this based on the view I was given being the road our property fronts-just not the correct place on that road. My purpose in bringing this up again here is a serious concern I already had about people trying to find me-people in an ambulance,firetruck,police,tax collector,etc.!!!
    The story: some yrs back we were on vacation when the lady(she was once my wifes' secretary & incompetent then too) that was given the task of getting private roads into the counties new 911 system & signed , came around to get our info.. I tried to get it done(our private road is a gravel road ~ 1/2 mile off pavement) after I found out we were missed but never seemed to get anyone to do anything. Our elected county judge has promised a few times but still nothing. I've asked how they ad newly built other roads and no answer. Is it not a fact that emergency people use this information to find you? If they do, they will spend a typical 30-45 minutes in another location wandering around while God only knows what emergency goes unfound! Having had a heart attack in 2004 plus the reality of fire as a potential danger for anyone I have serious concern about Google Maps being "off the mark" to find our place. I had one "dish guy" that ended up on a ridge that's ~ 8miles away while most end up down the road ~ 2-3 miles and there is a private dirt road that goes up past a lake & through the woods for several miles to nobodies house. Lakes actually owned by a quarry as their crusher water supply.
    What say you on getting this corrected? Call Google maps & ask at them?
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