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Thread: K1600 "Crash" Engine protection bars

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    K1600 "Crash" Engine protection bars

    Hi All. I'm interested in putting engine protection bars on my brand new K1600GT. Any feedback from owners who have installed or had bars installed would be appreciated. Info on what brand and type you are using and how much you like them would be very helpful. Thanks.

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    My GT came with the factory bars, after dropping bike in driveway, ouch, and scratching front cowl I replaced them with the Altrider bars. It's my belief they offer more protection and would have prevented cowl scratches.
    FYI install time about 90 min, good time to install CDANES running lights, K1600 forum, and replace the weak BMW horn. Installed photon blasters at the same time so my time was a little more like 4 hours learned a lot about bike
    Best investment is a electric screwdriver from Home Depot make quick work of torx screws

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    Thanks so much for the information. I suspected OEM bars might not prevent just the type of damage you described. The Altrider bars or Ilium product would also provide a place for highway pegs to give my old knees a break on longer rides. The Altrider bars also appear to make it easier to lift the bike should the unfortunate happen.

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    I have the Wunderlich bars because the Altriders were not avail at the time. In a test drop, they worked fined and even the upper cowl was protected. Pricing is roughly the same.

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    I installed the altrider crash bars, easy to install and they accomidate the driving lamps the best I think,

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    I have the OEM bars. I have never used them, but my brother did when he tipped my bike over at a stop. I saw a minor scuff on the bar and no damage on the plastic bodywork. If the bike was going at any speed, it might have been a different story.
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