I'm hoping I can get some advice from some of you. As a newly returned motorcyclist (haven't owned a bike since '03), I'm slowly acquiring my riding gear. I say slowly, becasue currently it is still winter in western Colorado. I recently purchased the Icon Patrol jacket and I'm very happy with the fit, construction, materials, etc. However, I have not decided on which pants I should purchase....

Living in Colorado and planning on commuting 30 miles to and from work, I want pants that provide adequate ventilation, are warm when needed and waterproof. I'm looking at the Icon Patrol pants, and the Olympia X-Moto pants. I like both pants for different reasons. I like the Icon pants simply because of the fit and finish of the Icon jacket I now have. What I do not like about them, is the appearance of an overall lack of ventilation, and the lack of a removeable thermal liner. Conversely, I like the X-moto pants because of the versatility in ventilation options, and the removable thermal/waterproof liner.

I'd like to know the opinions of those who have either pants. Also, for anyone who rides in the Colorado- or even other mountainous regions; do you find you have a need for a non-removeable thermal liner? I could see very easily needing the thermal/waterproof liner in one pair of pants during the summer months during rain; yet I'm concerned about the lack of a removeable liner in the Icon pants. If there are other pant options I've not yet considered, please let me know.

Thanks for the help,
- Randy