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Thread: Auxiliary Driving Lights for '02 GS

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    Auxiliary Driving Lights for '02 GS

    I want to add a set of auxiliary driving light to my '02 GS. I live in a relatively rural area with lots of critters roaming the roads at night. I really want something that will reach well out in front and light up the road as well as the shoulders. I know there have been a lot of advances in LED technology. Any suggestions for light sets you are happy with? The previous owner of my bike (7 years ago) had a set of PIAA's mounted, but took them off when he sold the bike to me. The wiring and switch are still in place however. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Jim N.

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    Broadly speaking -

    It's interesting how quickly lighting technology is evolving!

    Just a few years ago the 50W Halogen PIAAs were the ticket, then these were surpassed by the HID driving dimmable LED driving lights are coming on fast. Both the HID and the LEDs draw less power than the Halogen bulbs.

    I installed Halogen PIAAs on my bike just a three years ago when HID lights were too expensive and LEDs were too dim. Today HID prices have dropped dramatically and LEDs work well as primary lighting.

    For what it's worth, if I were installing aux lights today I'd look at LED - under $100 and you can have a very nice set-up. Over at ADV Rider there are usually several group buys underway.

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    Look at LED's:)

    We just mounted a set of LED's on a new F700GS and you cannot even see the headlamp anymore, so BRIGHT! Man, I cannot believe the extra light these put out and almost NO draw on battery. My kids bought'em for their bikes, F800GS and F700GS. I am soooo sorry I cannot find box and name of the light company. Price has come down too, at 200$ for these(2 single LED bulb units) and up to near 300$ for thier best, brightest ones with multiple LEDs in each lamp. VERY well made out of aluminum and look bombproof. My GSA1200'07 with BMW stock factory driving lights are NO match for these, so I may change mine out. Clearly, the LED tech is advancing very quickly and they are becoming more affordable too. Randy

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