I took my GS into Gateway BMW for some service and Honz forced me to take a demo ride on the new GS by saying "Don't grab a handful of throttle in first or second gear. Unless you want to pull the front wheel". NO pics, just some observations.

The "waterhead" is a BIG change over the oilhead. The power is the kind that will put your license in jeopardy. It revs VERY quickly! Honz said it is actually 15-20 pounds heavier, but it feels smaller and lighter and the handling is quite responsive. The brakes are quite strong as well.
A few things will take some getting used to if you get one. Switch gear is Japanese style so things aren't in their oh-so familiar location. Clutch pull is very light so I kept pulling it in too much at first. The exhaust note has a nice growl from a factory pipe. There is more valve clatter and intake noise, but not annoying sounding, just mechanical. The windscreen adjusts by a large knob on the right side and is simple to make changes to the height. Valve stems on the cast wheels are in one of the spokes so they point out 90?? from the wheel making it easy to check pressures.

There are some dislikes to the new bike. I'm not partial to the speedometer and tach. Both are too small and the speedo especially crams too many numbers into to small a sweep. The gear indicator on the other hand is huge. As on the old GS I don't like the center stand that contacts your heel if you happen to stand on the pegs with the balls of your feet.

I could be very happy owning one. But only if it comes with a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Thanks Honz!!!!