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Thread: April ride to the Deal's Gap and around from Qu?Žbec.

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    April ride to the Deal's Gap and around from Qu?Žbec.


    I'll be riding down and around the deal's gap on the week of April 8th with a buddy. We will be riding from the low thirties. Last year we had some snow flurryes below freezing in the white Mountains but it lasted only a couple of hours. so I you see a couple of riders still wearing the electrique kit on the 81 near Harrisburg, don't worry we're about to take it off :-).

    From Montr?Žal Qu?Žbec right down to Bryson city. Planning riding the dragon in the middle of the week and may be reach Nashville via the Jack Daniels distillery to go back in the cool air. My Buddy is a little musician and I like whisky. We make a top trio LOL . 8 to 10 day trip depending of the weather and our mood.

    One reason why I envy the Harley crowd, the merchandising. Anywhere you can find Harley T-shirt with the location name and bring it back as souvenir. It's harder for us beemer to find something casual to wear. I have my bmwoa turtle neck ! If you could forward me some good location I'll make a point to go there. The stuff I buy says Goretex, Kevlar, Aramid, dryteck etc... Last time I went to Miami Daytona they had nice T-shirt and I finally bought those bmw technic brief so I could show my wife's best friend my briefs when she showed us her latest. But hers were nicer than mine.

    I've been down the Deal's gap a few time and I'm looking for family dining, and reasonnable lodging. I tend to steer off the tourist trap. We'll start with a motel in Harrisburg, after the Rosewood inn in Bryson city, for a few days (Base camp) for the surrounding roads. It's the way up we.ll have to improvise a bit.

    If you have good adress to lunch or just see things please post your suggestions.



    I'll keep in touch with the forum during my trip so if you happen to be nearby may be can meet and have coffee. My accent is much worse than my tiping :-)

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    April ride to the Deal's Gap and aroun from Qu?Žbec.

    Don't know if you intend to ride the Cheroholla Skyway (spelling?) while your down there? It's one of my favorites and not too far from the "end" of the dragon. If you do there's a really good inexpensive pit BBQ place in Sweetwater TN.

    I've yet to find a "good" hotel in Sweetwater but I tend to stage in that area and then ride the skyway to the dragon, hit all the roads in that area that I like, do Maggie Valley, etc.

    good luck and safe traveling!

    Have a good one,

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    Gap area, the Phillips motel in Robbinsville is a great Mom and Pop place, there is a family restaurant a short walk up the street.
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    Jack Daniels

    Last I knew the Jack Daniels Distillery is in a "dry" county, IE: NO ALCOHOL SALES. I went there once expecting to have some shots of whisky, and a tour. Nothing doing, no alcohol sales anywhere near the facility.
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    Early April is a couple weeks to early to reliably find decent riding weather in the mountains here- hit and miss. As of today, there are still sub freezing temps in the mountains in many places until nearly mid day. Reason is the jet stream dip that is still south of NC though looks to be moving N by end of this week.
    Still, warmup n that part of the world will be later than some other years and runoff will still be common in many places.
    Coming from Quebec, you guys will no doubt be prepared with proper gear and a bunch of miles under your belt in what will likely be worse conditions in some places but don't underestimate the effects of altitude at the 6K plus highest elevations you might encounter in the Smokies.

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