My 1986 R80 has 55,000 miles on it. I bought it with 19K on it about 12 years ago. The carbs have not been touched, other than adjusted and synced twice by a professional mechanic. The last time it was synced he could not get it running quite right and suggested that I may have a diaphragm leaking. So I got two new rebuild kits to include diaphragms, new floats, float needles, new intake air tubes and new throttle cable for the right side. I did the disassembly and took all the parts to my local shop to have them cleaned in his ‘«£special bath‘«ō. I then reassembled and reinstalled them on my bike. Now it starts fine, but idles a little ruff with a small, but equal amount of gray smoke out of each exhaust. With the choke full on it idles around 2,000 RPM. As it warms up and I take the choke off the idle goes up to about 4,500 RPM and there is no more smoke. Backing off the idle adjuster screws makes no difference. If I turn them down all the way the idle increases to about 5,500 RPM. Both throttle cables have a small amount of slack in them with the throttle fully closed. As I take the slack out of the throttle grip I can feel both cables start to tighten up, so I don‘«÷t think the cables are binding. The choke cables also have a small amount of slack until tightened and when the choke lever is closed the choke mechanisms on the carbs are all the way down. I‘«÷m sure I must have done something wrong in the reassemble process, but what? I‘«÷ve got a new set of vacuum lines for syncing carbs and I plan to do this job myself also, but I need to get this idle problem taken care of first. If you have any suggestions please feel free to call or text Floyd at 636-795-9232 or