I put the Suburban Machine rider peg lowering kit on my '08 K1200GT last year before a big trip. I really like them ... a lot. Far less hip and low back discomfort. Scraping the pegs in turns isn't really a problem for me as I'm not an aggressive rider. If you are, this could become an issue. The devices are very well made and a snap to install. Because the pegs are moved outboard a bit as well as down and forward, you have to toe-in some to reach the shifter. I'm planning to order the shift pedal extension which should help. The brake pedal is not adjustable to any extent so it is pretty useless with the lowering kit installed. Of course, with linked brakes the need for independent rear braking is much less. There may be someone out there with a solution to the brake pedla issue. I'm sure they will chime in. Now, if there were only a cruising peg solution for our bikes!