Ok, here is how my 94 RS is set up:
Been using a K&N air filter since I had the bike at 3,000 miles on it. I ran the stock exhaust and fuel system, with Autolite 3923 plugs for years. No issues. Now, my bike is a late 93 build which had NO CAT-Code plug at all. Those early Oilheads ran just a bit more rich. Plug wires, coils, fuel pump, injectors, fuel regulator are all stock, original and untouched. I replaced the fuel filter, finally, at 120k and it looked pretty good when I took it apart.

Then in about 04 the muffler outlet tube cracked (common to some early Oilheads). I had it TIG welded, but noted more "popping" on decel when it was cracked. Then I got another cracked muffler for nothing and my curiosity led me to cut the can open, study it, make my own internals and TIG weld it up. Looks stock, but deeper tone and breathed a bit easier enough to cause more decel popping (it is not backfiring as many incorrectly claim it). To counter that I added a Techlusion. Balanced the TBs myself and got good results of 45 mpg average and clean plugs.

Three years back I rebuilt the TBs myself using the Bing kit. The ticking sound on the TB caused by shaft wear made it harder to balance. After I rebuilt both TBs and installed new throttle cables, I again balanced the TBs using my basic old mercury sticks. Nice and smooth again. Bike is still on the original untouched fuel injectors. Though, again out of curiosity, I am taking the injectors to a local diesel injector repair shop to have them flow tested (curious about the current state flow matching), then cleaned and flow matched again.

But aside from all this, I never had a surging issue. I certainly read up on it when I first got the bike in Oct 94, but can't say I ever experienced it at all, or enough to cause any concern.