Morning all.
Jim Faucher here, Beer Garden Rally Chair.
I'd like to personally invite everyone to consider a 4 hour stint at the happiest place at the rally. Looking at the Chartered Club listing there must be at LEAST a dozen clubs within an easy 2 day ride of Salem. The BMW FreeRiders of Wash. have already expressed their desire to help. Plus, I see many old friends each year, who come in just as individuals. It really is a lot of fun, so please consider it strongly. James Dial, "Pat", one of my co-chairs, will be handling the time slots. And yes, for the Dinks and IBMWR readers out there, your slots are reserved, just email Pat to finalize.
Any of the 3 of us listed, myself, Randy Boris, or "Pat" Dial will take an email, and follow up by phone if desired.
Thank you all, ride safely.

Jim Faucher Nat Rally BG Chair aka MAD DOG