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Thread: Lake Beemerville??suitable for swimming??

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    Lake Beemerville??suitable for swimming??

    I'm not talking jumping in nude an drunk at 3 in the morning(can be fun)
    But an actual bring your swim trunks,diving board/slide/swing family type activity
    Trying to figure out what to pack and what to leave behind

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    I was there last night for the flat track races,I'd say no swimming.Being a fairgrounds,it may have anything living in there!

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    No Swimming

    The pond is actually for rain-water run-off, and although it is very picturesque, I wouldn't want to splash around in it.

    There are signs posted that say no swimming. Probably a good idea....
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    This place
    is about 5 minutes away from the Rally site.

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    I had a chance to check out the rally site last weekend on my ride home from the solistance and swimming in that lake is definitely a NOT. However there is a nice campground about five minutes away that had a good swimming area. It is part of the Lima park system.

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