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Thread: Who makes tall, large, xl hi-viz riding jackets?

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    I'm 6'2" and now 175 lbs. after losing 30 lbs. of weight. Time for new gear.
    While at this year's Florida's Coolest Rally I picked up a hi-vis Tourmaster Sonora Jacket in medium tall. I tried it on and it was a perfect fit. I also decided to pick up the pants at the same time so I can have my mesh suit for the summer. It won't replace my Aerostich, but I needed some mesh for the southern summers and the tourmaster hi-vis is BRIGHT!!!
    It turns out that Tourmaster makes most of their gear in tall, regular and short. They really need to advertise that!
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    Rubberside Down Richmond BC

    I purchased my riding set from Rubberside Down 2 seasons ago and am happy with the value and quality. I when high vis yellow first began to appear, there was no doubt this was the way to go. They design their own line of jackets and pants and are less expensive than the name brands. Last summer I picked up an hi vis Exo Scorpion 900 modular helmet that gets me plenty of positive reactions.

    Their website is


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