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Thread: Garmin GPS install on a '73 R75/5

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    Question Garmin GPS install on a '73 R75/5

    What is the best way to install a GPS on this bike?

    I suppose the simplest way is just hook up the wires to the batt. These things do not use all that much current so is there a need to get involved with fuses or relays?
    The unit is a 660.

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    I will leave it to somebody else to offer suggestions on the electrical connection.

    When you are done, would be great if you could post a picture of the mechanical connection. I have an unfaired '74 /6 and have been thinking about how to install a navigator. There isn't much room, and with the euro bars, there really isn't a place to put a clamp.


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    GPS power

    I have a Powerlet mounted on my 73 R75/5 and you can get cords for aboot any electrical device including phones, GPS, Ipods, etc. I have an EME Enduralast charging system also. I will post a pic later. My brother has doohickey for his Harley that is just 2 wires and a standard cigarette lighter outlet that clamps to the battery and frame.

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    Wire it straight to the battery. There is an inline fuse supplied with the wiring harness for the cradle. Some folks like switched power for their GPS, some don't (like me). You'll get all sorts of reasons why and why not. I like to be able to turn it on without using the ignition and for continuity of trip logs.
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    If you want switched power, you can wire into anything that is hot with the switch on because these things draw so little power. I had mine wired into the left turn signal power feed on my FZ1.

    On my S3, I used an extra Battery Tender plug on the cord to the GPS so I have one plug for both.

    As to mounts, I like the ones that fit into the steering head bolt hole.
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    Even with Euro bars, there should be room enough to fit the U-Bolt RAM ball. Then attach a RAM arm and cradle. Electrics - either wire the kit to the battery or if you want to move the GPS from bike to bike, attach a BMW/Powerlet male connector on the wiring kit and then you can plug it into any BMW accessory outlet.
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