This issue is driving me nuts. I took my side panels off, sanded and repainted my crispy shark fins, and I also wrapped my headers. Got her all back together today I went on a 10mile mixed speed typical ride. The right side (if I'm sitting on the bike) seems to be the issue. I did not let it sit and idle, my oil temp was never above 5 bars, and it seemed to be running great. I got back home directly in the garage and shut her right off. Got off the bike and too that same side and the fin and the fairing next to the header was so hot I couldn't hardly put my hand on it. WTF is going on. I just had the valves and injectors done last fall. I replaced the plugs when I first got the bike. Went from Bosh R6 787 to NGK BKR7EKC-N. could that have anything to do with it? Switched back to the Bosch plugs with do difference. Opinions??