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Thread: Nothin' quite like a good, rural graveyard...

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    Nothin' quite like a good, rural graveyard...

    Sometimes on a long motorcycle ride or drive in the car, a pleasant, quiet break is in order. What about that rural cemetery over there adjacent to the road. You know: the one you probably would pass right by? So much history. So many stories. Maybe that's why they call 'em plots.

    Some local to the Sacramento area are noted here: http://thechurchoftheopenroad.blogsp...ard-shift.html

    What's in your area?

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    In my little town, there is a very old paupers and slaves grave yard. It is maintained by a man whose family is slave descendants. His family was eventually freed by Nathan Boone, Daniel Boone's son. When they were freed, they got the land that the grave yard is located..

    Quite humbling but very peaceful to visist the small little patch of green on the man's farm and see the graves marked with only a big rock or a big log stuck in the ground.

    Its on the National Registrey of Historic Places
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    The grave of Denton True Young aka Cy Young, is located in Peoli Cemetery, Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

    When I was President of the Newcomerstown Ohio Rotary Club 10 years ago, there were a couple of old timer members who knew Cy personally and attended ball games with him. Sadly, they have passed on and are hopefully visiting with Cy again.

    The road to the cemetery is twisty, hilly and you have to be careful of the "exhaust" from Amish buggy engines.

    If you want to visit, here are the coordinates: GPS (lat/lon): 40.22744, -81.43553

    If you don't use GPS, the cemetery is on State Route 258 between Newcomerstown and Freeport. The town of Peoli consists of about 10 houses, a church and the cemetery.
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    The best source for online graveyard information:
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    Found this solitary grave site in Big Bend down Old Ore Rd. I think. The ground is so hard out there they dig shallow depressions place the body in and fill it in with rocks.

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    I've found them to be pretty good places for a nap too.........peaceful.

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    Old Military Cemeteries Can be Interesting

    An early date with my now wife included a walk through the post cemetery at Vancouver Barracks. As a former Army bandsman, she was excited to come across the headstone for the last bandsman to receive the MoH, for action during the Spanish-American War. There were also several bandsmen/buglers with dates of death occurring during the retreat of the Nez Perce. The Nez Perce understood interrupting the lines of communication.

    On the outskirts of the town where we now live sits an old soldiers home. We've been past the cemetery a few times but have yet to go inside the gate. Something to do when the weather gets nicer. The headstones near the road look pretty old.

    Next to HWY 12 outside of Kamiah is the First Indian Presbyterian church Cemetery. Stopped for a break on the back end of Lolo Pass. Glad i did.

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    While visiting my parent's grave site I've occasionally meandered around looking at some of the other stones. With a little imagination there seems to be a story that goes with each one, particularly of those that died young.

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