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Thread: Who has an aftermarket seat? 2013 R1200RT

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    aftermarket seat

    I have a Corbin on 2011 r1200rt,and a Russell on my 86 r80rt.both are great for me,

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    I have a Sargent custom low seat (symphony vinyl, no welts, no logo) on my 05 RT. I use an Alaskan sheep skin on mine, and it was a great improvement over the stock seat. I can do 750+ miles with no problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lbarbee View Post
    Lastly, I am not naming names, but one of the vendors in this thread has very slow delivery, held my deposit for 8 months, required months of calls and follow up. It was the worst transaction of my life taking almost a year to complete.. So ask a lot of questions. It sucks to be without your seat and your money for 5 months no matter how cheap the vendor might seem. This was on a standard order, nothing special, from their website.
    Why not name names? As long as the information is factual then it benefits us all.
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    Who has an aftermarket seat?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cruzer View Post
    Why not name names? As long as the information is factual then it benefits us all.
    I thought long and hard about it. I was so mad I sat down and wrote a 6 page account with emails, dates, broken promises and outright lies. Then I thought about the last few years, the pain small business has gone thru, and maybe they just screwed this one up. You can bet that none of my riding group will ever order from them. They did come clean in the end about their troubles and apologized.
    So, I chose the high road.
    If you are about to place an order and really want the details, I will share privately, but to memorialize my experience here seems unnecessary.
    A warning seemed prudent.
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    Corbin saddle + Smuggler

    I purchased a used Corbin and it changed my comfortable ride time from about 2 hours to 8+ (basically endless). I also have the Corbin Smuggler, a convenient but expensive addition if you don't ride 2 up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruzer View Post
    I'm finding the seat on my new R1200RT quite uncomfortable after only 220 miles. I'm normally pretty easy to please seatwise, 5'10" and 170 lbs, but this thing is giving me butt burn already. Anyway, I'd like find out how many of you have gone to an aftermarket seat solution, then of those who did what seat they bought. This poll is for aftermarket seat only. Once we get that number then I'll post another one on WHICH option folks chose.
    You are in luck. Rich's Custom Seats is right here in Kingston, WA

    I have one with smooth and pebble grain leather in black with silver stitching, gel pad and heat. You go to his facility and they use your stock seat pan and custom build the seat to your arse!

    I was worse than you, 40 minutes and I was squirming on the stock seat. I can now ride for hours! And it looks great too!

    And from Yakima you've got a nice 3 hour ride and with a short scenic ferry ride from Edmonds to Kingston on the Kitsap Peninsula. and a bonus, you got priority boarding on all Washington State Ferries!
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    Here ya go, Rich's work. Of course you get to pick material, style color.
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    Russell Day Long for me. I did the Minute Man 1000 on it and got my Saddle Sore 1000. I lvoe it and best accessory I ever bought. I had a Rick Mayer on my 1100S and I liked it but I still found it sort of stiff. The Russell has been perfect from the first day. The Rick Mayer looked better though.

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    Aftermarket Seats

    I also find the "showroom" seats marginal at best for the real world riding. So for the past few years I have used a Sargent on my '05 1200RT that does great for up to about 400 miles, then I get the urge to get off every 20 minutes or so. But thats Ok 'cause I like to "smell the roses" and not just eat miles.
    I also have a '12 R1200GS that now has a new Seat Concepts makeover. For me it is a much more comfortable seat upgrade for this bike and much less expensive. I have used them for my other (dirt/adventure) bike I have and am extremely happy with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by savategreg View Post
    I'm your size. RDL is overkill. I liked RM but I waited too long and when it came it was minus the paid for embroidery I ordered. Other then that it's a great seat and well worthwhile the $. I got leather and I am satisfied.
    Same thing happened to me. Ordered, and paid for, a seat with embroidery. Embroidery never came. Sent mail to Rick about discomfort and was told I should lose weight. Not a fan. They look nice though.

    Russell has gotten my money twice and will get it again at some point. If you happen to be in California or close enough that you could ride there, I would suggest paying the extra money and getting a ride-in apointment. They'll make it that day while you wait.

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    +1 Russell... all that needs to be said....

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    Russell Day Long Aftermarket Seats

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffkyle View Post
    +1 Russell... all that needs to be said....
    Arranged for RDL from here in Oz, using photos of me (5' 10") and Pillion (SWMBO) seated on the bike, to assist with manufacture. The whole process went without any problems.

    Seats then shipped by RDL to Portland, OR where I fitted them to my 2007 R1200RT which I had shipped (in a container) to USA for a 10 week motorcycle trip.

    After 10,000+ miles in the USA and a number of long day trips back home in Oz, we can report that the RDL was the best aftermarket addition to my RT - should have done it 5 years ago.

    With OEM seats after 1.5 hours we were looking for a rest.
    With RDL seats 1000 km+ days are not a problem.
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    Corbin for me, both front and rear with added heat!!! so nice... 1000 mile days not a problem, did add a alaska sheep skin late last summer and it helps change things up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackDenis View Post
    I purchased a used Corbin and it changed my comfortable ride time from about 2 hours to 8+ (basically endless). I also have the Corbin Smuggler, a convenient but expensive addition if you don't ride 2 up.
    Thanks for sharing your pic. This is exactly what I intend to do...

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    I'm same size as OP at 5"-9", 175 lb. The stock seat becomes unbearable after 100 miles. I bought an Airhawk pad as a temporary solution. After a year it really grew on me and now that's all I use.

    Some riders complain that you lose some feel of control by slipping slightly in the seat esp on tight turns. OTOH it has the advantage that you can remove the airhawk pad, stick it your saddlebag, and ride with full butt control on the stock seat when you get into the twisties. Great for those solo trips into the mountains.

    I think the most comfortable aftermarket seats are wide tractor-styled seats so you lose the ability to shift weight and hang off (to whatever degree this 63 yo body thinks it is hanging).

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