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Thread: Who has an aftermarket seat? 2013 R1200RT

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    Another Russell Rider here

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    Corbin for me...longest day in the saddle was 860 miles...I couldn't get past 200 on my stock seat before it became an exercise in pain endurance.

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    I'm on my second Baldwin Saddles custom seat. Loren is great to work with for personalized service. I wanted the seat to match the OEM two color on my 2012 GSA. Loren had me go to the local Sherwin Williams paint store and get the color to match. He then went to his supplier and created a seat and pillion seat with high quality memory foam and gel inserts.

    I first came to know about Baldwin Saddles when I had a VStrom DL1000 and he made a custom seat for that. I was so impressed I wrote a review that was published in Motorcycle Consumer News. March 2012.

    My seat is the GSA two tone seat halfway down the this page.

    No interest in the business just very satisfied with a great seat that I can sit on for hours at a time.
    Tom - South Jersey
    2012 BMW R1200 GSA, and a 2nd or 3rd bike of the moment & 31 assorted training motorcycles.

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    Third bike....third Rick Mayer. That will always be my first farkle on any bike I have.

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    After viewing the poll results, I discover that not only am I not the only member of MOA with a bike that has the stock seat, I'm actually part of a distinct minority.

    "When you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

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    I'm also stock. I've done a week of moderate riding day after day and have yet to experience any pains. That said, my longest day is usually around 4-500 miles and I respect the opinion that the seat will eventually cause discomfort.

    My plan is to stick with it until I have the first day of "Ouch" and then go for a RDL.

    Can't wait to get a Smuggler, though. I don't ride two up - anyone I like well enough to have them pressed up against me means I like them too much to take responsibility for them being on the bike with me.

    If anyone ever spots a used Smuggler for sale, let me know.
    2011 R1200RT
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    Rode my $150 modified stock seat from Mean City Cycles for 10 hours yesterday. Best seat I ever had to include several Corbins and a Sargeant.
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    Day Russell all the way period. R1100rt, r1200rt, k75 period

    Quote Originally Posted by Cruzer View Post
    I'm finding the seat on my new R1200RT quite uncomfortable after only 220 miles. I'm normally pretty easy to please seatwise, 5'10" and 170 lbs, but this thing is giving me butt burn already. Anyway, I'd like find out how many of you have gone to an aftermarket seat solution, then of those who did what seat they bought. This poll is for aftermarket seat only. Once we get that number then I'll post another one on WHICH option folks chose.
    Day Russell all the way period. R1100rt, r1200rt, k75 period!

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    I've had four Corbin's on four previous bikes, MG 850 Cx 100, R100s and R1150 R, I thought they were great. Now I own a R1200Rt and bought a RDL used from this flea market. This is the best seat I have owned. At 63 YO I can ride until I need gas and never feel any pain, and in the twisties I can shift all I want too, not as mush as thirty years ago, but still slide my butt off for the turns.
    At 60+ I would go with the RDL at thirty I might go with the Corbin!

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    I have a Bill Mayer seat on my 83 RT and a Rick Mayer seat on my 12 RT. Both are leather covered and very comfortable. A custom seat (at least for BMW RT's) is right up there with an aftermarket suspension change as one of the best and most worthwhile mods you can spend your money on.
    12 R1200 RT
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    Every butt is different. I can last about an hour on beads. I hated the Airhawk so much I sent it back for a refund.

    Had a Corbin on my Ultra Limited, and it was nothing short of amazing for all-day rides. Had a Sargent on my RT, and it was an improvement over stock, but still got painful after 5 hours or so. I got a Touratech/Kahedo "High" seat for the Adventure and haven't looked back. I've Iron Butted with it a couple of times, and can't complain about it at all (though it's not as comfortable as the Ultra/Corbin combination). A Russell might be ultimately more comfortable over the long haul, but they look ridiculous on GS/As, and they severely limit how you move around on the bike in off-road or aggressive riding situations.

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    Thumbs up

    +1 on the Russell. I've had Corbins and a Rick Mayer. Not bad but not great. The Russell is a huge upgrade, IMO. Dramatically reduced pressure points and monkey-butt. Much better support for the butt and thighs. Depending on your inseam and seat height, the Russell might make the ground 'further' away - sweep of the thigh support area means your legs are a little bit higher.

    Best endorsement: my wife and I did Boston to Skyline Drive in one day, in 90+ heat and late-summer humidity. We were hot and tired and ready for a shower, but neither of us spent the day twitching in the saddle, trying to alleviate the monkey-butt.
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    Per: - I've added year/model to your thread title. As you may know - seats for other models aren't generally interchangeable on BMWs - at least on Hexheads. GS seat won't fit. ST seat won't fit. R seat won't fit. It may help you get some more specific info having this info in the thread title. Might even be someone near you - if you've put that info in your sig - who might let you try out their custom/aftermarket seat.
    Don Eilenberger
    Spring Lk Heights NJ NJ Shore BMW Riders
    '12 R1200R - I love this bike!

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    After you've tried the beads - and if they didn't work for you (on my bikes they turned several large areas of pain into thousands of small areas of pain.. net gain - nil) you may want to try one of the air-cushions.

    I've had RDL on 3 bikes, BMW "Comfort" seats on two, and Sargent on two. None of them were all day seats for me. Some were an improvement over stock seats, but not "the answer" - one memorable one was simply awful.

    I've since taken to riding with a Freedom-Air cushion (AirHawk is another popular brand.) These allow me to ride all day without crippling pain. Some people don't find them effect or like the feel.. I suspect because they've over-inflated them. When they are inflated correctly, your butt pointy parts should just touch the actual seat. The air will support the rest of your butt, taking most of your weight off the painful bits. Less air also remove any floating feeling. This also minimizes any height increase the cushion causes.

    The manufacturers tell you this - but they really should put a warning in 48 point lettering, on a sticker on the cushion. It should say:
    "Let some air out dummy if it isn't comfortable"..

    Works well for me - cost is WAY less then a custom seat, it is transferable from bike to bike, has good resale value if you don't like it. Mine is a Freedom-Air sport-bike one. They make several sizes as does Airhawk. I found smaller works better for me (I have a smallish bony butt.) I like the Freedom-Air since it has a cutout for the "boys" and has two chambers separated down the length of the cushion, this eliminates any side-to-side air transfer (something I found disconcerting about the AirHawk.) I'm going on 85k+ miles with it now and on the 2nd bike, and can't see riding without it.

    YMMV - and probably will.
    Don Eilenberger
    Spring Lk Heights NJ NJ Shore BMW Riders
    '12 R1200R - I love this bike!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RTRANDY View Post
    Before investing big bucks in a custom seat (the popular brands will all improve comfort whichever you end up with), I'd highly recommend trying a set of beads from Beadrider . The Iron Butt camp has reached the same conclusion. Think about what what might hurt the most while riding a 1,000 miles. The topic of an uncomfortable butt will never be an issue when riding with beads.
    +1 great product!

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