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Thread: 98 R1100RT bar risers

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    98 R1100RT bar risers

    I'm trying to find some Handlebar risers for my RT. I want a set that only raises the bars, but does not move them back. I have a set that does that, (moves them back and up) and I don't like em.

    Any ideas where? Every body seems to make sets that move the bars back as well as up. I'll trade if someone has a set!
    Mike Davis
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    98 R1100RT bar risers

    I have the barbacks that raise and bring the bars back to you that you don't like (I like them). But underneath them there is another set of holes that allow you to use them strictly as risers without pulling back. Not sure what brand you have but if you take a look you may also have this option. Could just be hidden from site?

    mike wex
    '96 r1100rt

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    You need bolts long enough to go through your handle bars, risers, and into the triple tree.
    In other words, don't bolt the risers to the triple tree, just get bolts that will pass through and use the riser as a spacer.
    Jim McGill
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