Hey Airhead knowledge base:

Just installed a new felt on the clutch push rod for my 78 R100S.

Rubbed a bunch of grease into the felt, wrapped it around the rod tightly and inserted it ,starting it from the front side of the splined input shaft. (Sno Bum has written it's easier to install this way.)

The rod went in until about a quarter of it was left poking out of the input shaft and met with some resistance where the felt was about to start engaging with the sealing surface.

I wasn't able to push it in the remaining distance by hand, so I used a plastic tipped hammer and gave the rod a light tap.

This seemed to work and the end of the rod is now flush with the end of the input shaft. I then tried pushing the shaft from the back side of the transmission using my thumb and was able to get the rod to extend out of the input shaft by about 1/4". (The end of the tapered part of the rod is flush with the input shaft...if that makes any sense.)

My question is, before I continue installing the throwout assembly, is there any way of testing to know if the felt is properly in place?

How far does the push rod normally extend from the input shaft to engage the clutch spring? Is there any way to test this whole assembly before installing the transmission?