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Thread: hard pull clutch 2008 K1200gt

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    hard pull clutch 2008 K1200gt

    Long story ended in a mild (or so they tell me) that weakened my left hand. I am currently in occupational rehab and am investigating a personal trainer.
    Iam just starting to be able to get the clutch pulled in about 1/2 way but it takes all my strength and concentration. Hopefully eventually I'll get back enough to enjoy my GT again. maybe this summer or fall. But like any true Beemer rider. that is too far away. I understand being a hydrolic system, some parts will have to be either re-engineered, or hopefully bought to "fix my problem. I have seen on other sites riders with injuries to their left hand have them wanting for similar solutions. Is there any hope for the wanting-to-ride-wounded? We sure hope so. The easiest solution would be a replacement master cylinder with a different leverage system. Probably a re positioned pivot point for the lever. But then I'm not an engineer so if anyone has an idea or information to help We would sure appreciate it. I don't suppose BMW has a solution.

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    If it's a range of motion issue this may help...might help on grip power as well. Maybe no help at all...but it's an option. Rare rainy day here, so here I go...

    There are a few aftermarket levers avaliable that have a shorter throw and offer length and throw options. Lot's of folks sell these and also on EBay ( careful, one company is direct to China I recall when I was looking)
    I'll give a plug to where we got ours. Jerry could answer any questions as well.

    We have a set of each on our K12S's. Helen didn't like the feel of the OEM and it's long reach from the grips since her older bikes have the stock 3 way adjustment positions.

    I rode hers and decided I liked the adjustable levers and added them to a few bikes as well. I have both the big name levers and some lower price point units...they don't operate any differently from my year of use of each. One brand even pivots up/down to avoid the lever breaking on some drops that do that unfortunate thing.

    I think the lever is in the farthest position out in this pic.The silver lever end is also retracted all the way in for her hand size and preference of feel. It moves about an inch or better.

    A little info if you choose this option and DIY:

    Little tricky getting the roll pin back in the new lever when adding the plunger/pivot assy from the stock unit. There is a tiny spring to deal with as well.

    You sometimes need to tweak the microswitch spring in the clutch mount to get the clutch safety switch to operate with lever in the closest position.
    The brake light adjustment may be needed to get them to stay off.
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