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Thread: Distance Between Oil Changes

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    In regards to the original question.
    #1 you have a stone age engine where the transmission is separate and not shearing oil molecules. The clutch is dry and not putting crud in the oil. That boxer isn't screaming at 10K rpm, even at 70 or 80mph, its loafing. It has an oil cooler and those jugs are right out their in the breeze. Your oil will be good for a long time.
    #2 as has already been said, you are doing long distance riding which is the easiest scenario there is for engine load.
    #3 the oil change interval is ALWAYS a CYA number where the manufacturer expects you to exceed it.
    #4 on the GS the synthetic versus dino stuff is pretty much right up there with voodoo. Do you know what is in the bike now? With a GS it is certain you will have to add oil. My superstition tells me to use similar oil to top it off rather than mix different stuff. Probably doesn't matter but it makes me feel better.

    I know we love our bikes but I think your concern is without merit.
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    OIL and Tires:)

    GSA1200 rider here. Just watch your oil level, nothing else required on road trip. You mentioned TKC and miles and road tires? Heidenau Tires, I think its spelled! Riders here are getting 12-13000m on rears out here. A real DS Tire, midway between TKC and Tourances,etc.. Most of us are maybe old school oil folks and always changed our oil at 3000m intervals, even on road trips and it was really not an issue traveling and doing an oil change. MOST auto parts stores WILL have a facility to allow you to do your own oil change out back or on their property somewhere. I have done this a few times, no issues, just ASK'em. O'Rielly's Auto Parts last time in Colorado let me do it, even gave me the oil pan and dumped my used oil. Today, I go 5000m intervals on a change and if on a road trip, may go the distance to get home first, not always though. The above TIP about auto parts stores works most of the time and self service your own is quick. Randy PS; I like my 5000m oil change interval, BECAUSE its easy to remember on the odometer, as I started at 5's and so on. Every 5, EG; 90000,95000 where I'm at now with Valvoline 20/50m/c on the rocks, shaken, not stirred. 007 lingo, sorry.

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