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Thread: Exhaust Crossover Pipe Diameter '73 R60/5

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    Exhaust Crossover Pipe Diameter '73 R60/5

    I need a replacement crossover pipe - posted a parts wanted ad and received a reply:

    I have a header set w/crossover tube from a شاض77 model year, 38mm exhaust.

    I was told the pipe diameter on my bike is 40mm but wondering if that only applies to the header pipes.
    He also says

    Also, one of the crossover clamp attachment point welds has broken loose and the left side head pipe has a small dimple.

    Want to know if 38mm is the right size Xover pipe and if the broken clamp attachment point welds is a deterrent? Don't want to have to take it to a welder and spend more money.

    Thanks much!
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    Ken, a part number check shows that the cross over tube on the R60/5 (p/n: 18 11 1 230 638) was used on the 1969 R60/5 through 1984 R100 series machines. Sources do not state the diameter, but the exhaust pipe diameter on these engines ranges from 38mm - 40mm.

    As you can see from the pic, the OEM cross-over tube has brazed on "pinch tubes" for the bolt(s) to pass through.

    Many after-market system cross-over tubes use a separate clamp to secure the joint (it's cheaper to manufacture).

    So, if it's broke, it's broke.. ..
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    Measure the OD of the stubs on your header. Ask the offerer the ID of his crossover pipe. That should tell you if his will fit.
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    Lightbulb Ace Hardware is your friend.

    Yes the plumbing section downpipe for bathroom sinks works see this link:
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    All 70-84 front cross over pipes are 100% the same minus the R65 range. They are 38mm in diameter which is very close to 1.5".
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