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Just reading your reply on the gas leak and the after market pre formed hoses for the innards you mentioned caught my eye. I cannot seem to source the short hose that does a 180 from the fuel filter. This is BMW part number 16 14 2 325 808 and it costs around $34. Seems only BMW makes this part. Tried purchasing a universal plastic replacement hose from Euro Motoelectrics sells but I realized it is going to be too long after it arrived.

If you know where to find injection rated submersible hose with a 180 degree bend please let us know what and where to buy please.
I also have, but not yet installed, the Euro Motoelectrics hose in place of the 180 degree OEM part. Could it be that it is intended to link the 2 nozzles after 540 degrees of rotation (180 + 360)?