Was going to post in Hexheads in one of the tire threads...but not just a one model tire.

Mounted a set of Anakee 3's on a buds GSA yesterday...woof! The owner is a LD/IBA rider and will give some tire performance soon.

These tires were some of the hardest to install, thought I was putting a ME880 on a LT or a Wing! Have many sets of tires installed to compare to in effort...these were way high on the effort needed.

The air temp was around 50 and we set the tires on a sunny surface to warm them up prior. Using a NoMar machine, still needed the spoon bars to flip the last bit of bead in place. The sidewalls seem to be way stiffer than previous generations of the Anakee's...which I believe I read somewhere as well.

I'll get another try in a few week when I install the set I have for my bike. Haven't worn out the PR3's quite yet.
If you are installing on the floor with small tire irons...have fun