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Thread: RECALL (3rd) Transport Canada and BMW | 2013 R1200GS

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    RECALL (3rd) Transport Canada and BMW | 2013 R1200GS

    Transport Canada Recall # 2013073

    Transport Canada and BMW

    Recall Date: 2013/03/06
    Notification Type: Safety Mfr
    System: Suspension
    Manufacturer Recall Number
    Units Affected: 54
    Category: Motorcycle

    Recall Details

    On certain motorcycles, the threaded plugs which secures the front fork tubes to the upper triple clamp may loosen over time. This could allow a fork tube to detach, which could result in a sudden loss of steering control and a crash causing property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will crimp-lock the fork tube threaded plugs.

    Make | Model | Model Year(s) Affected
    BMW R1200GS 2013
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    Interesting. Three recalls and most of the bikes have not yet reached the consumer. That has to be approaching a record for BMW.


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