My seat is in desperate need of both new foam and new upholstery. 106K miles, and I believe the seat is entirely original. The experience is kind of like sitting on the seat pan, with maybe a dishtowel for padding.

I think it's the BMW "comfort" seat -- it's not straight-sided like the standard seat, and has a distinct "dish" for the rider's butt, with a significant step up to the passenger area.

I know I can take it to "any" auto upholstery shop for this work - just wondering if someone has a particular place they've had good experience. I'm looking for reasonable work at a reasonable cost; it's not a premium motorcycle at this point. I've looked for seat covers on eBay as I'm kind of an inveterate DIYer, but I've only found them for the standard seat. This one has more complex seams and angles, so doesn't lend itself to a non-sewn solution.


(I also happen to have a spare standard seat, repairable but also not really fit for service currently, if there's any recommendation to use that instead.)