Hello Everyone. In late June this year I'm heading off on a 30 day ride from Central Illinois to Deadhorse in Northern Alaska. The only thing I have planned is that I must be in Salem, Oregon on July 17th, to meetup with my wife for the BMW Rally.

I would like ride up to Alaska, then hit the Rally, then ride down Highway 1 and then back home to Illinois. It's a lot of riding I know, but I'm used to that.

The purpose of this trip is to try something out. I want my Youtube viewers to plan out the trip by giving me ideas on what roads they would like me to take, what sights to see along the way, and maybe interesting people they would like me to meet. I will incorporate their suggestions into a trip, record the trip, and share it back. So here is a little video, http://youtu.be/PajcIY1Gj2I I have put up on Youtube. Please take a look and share any ideas you have. Then be sure to follow me as I prepare for the trip and head out on a ride that you the viewers have designed.

I know many of you have already taken just such a ride. So I'm counting on your expertise. And even if you have not ridden to Alaska, maybe you know some fun roads or places to see along the way that you would like to share with others.

Thanks in advance for your help.