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Thread: 2013 Latest Start Contest

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    2013 Latest Start Contest

    This was inspired by Voni's 2013 Annual Mileage thread. Obviously some of us have NO chance against you Southern folks for a mileage contest. But I'll bet you started earlier than we did!

    So the winner is the rider who gets out there latest during the year for consistent riding under safe conditions. No dirt bikes in the snow, trial runs and put it away, it's when you start for the riding season. My bets are that a Canadian wins.

    Here's a pic out my front door about 10 mins. ago- I've got a chance at winning this year!

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    We just got ten more inches of delayed riding over the weekend. Still -10 C today.

    I usually manage consistent riding by around early to mid May. First rides are often in early April, but those are usually short outings and are punctuated by periods of non-ridable conditions.
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    Hey quit picking on us Canadians!
    We always have 2 feet of snow.
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    Love it! Oh, the power of the forum used for good.

    But, hey. It's not fair. I started New Year's Day so I'm out of the running.


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    I respectfully disagree. Although our riding season may be longer, the riding contest starts late enough that it favors the more seasonable riding weather in the northern states rather than the 3-digit temp, humid days in the South. Check out the mileage results of Wisconsin versus any southern states
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