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My wife, a Southern Belle, introduced me to grits, just about started divorce proceedings I tried cheese grits a couple times and it depended on how much cheese was on it. Cheese and/or catchup pretty much makes ANYTHING taste at least palatable.
Not if you hate cheese and ketchup.

I grew up on grits. I like em if they're not all runny. Shrimp & grits is newer to me, guess it's a "Low Country"
(coastal Carolina and/or Georgia) thang? But I like em. My mom used to make baked grits. From what I remember, it was a Charleston (SC) recipe from one of her relatives there? Might have that wrong. I recall her baked grits being SLIGHTLY "cheesy" but grits was still the dominant feature by far- the cheese was WAY down the line. For sure, there was eggs in the recipe. They were great.

Polenta is a whole different thing- I've had it in Northern Italy where cultural backgrounds & traditions kind of blur, and I've seen polenta used in South American recipes, maybe even in Mexican down country cooking? We buy it from time to time, pre-cooked in a "tube". I slice it off and fry it.

Corn "products", is something I avoid- I feel we get too much corn (WAY TOO MUCH) in our daily diet of prepared food products available at the grocery stores now a days. Believe me, corn shows up in places God never intended it to be. Corn syrup, corn by-products, and ethanol? fuhgeddabouddit. I have a personal boycott on corn by-products, thanks very much.