OK, 1988 R100RS, 81,000 relatively troublefree miles. It's white if that matters.
A few days ago, my bike was reluctant to start in 45 degree weather. Previously it would start in the coldest weather, even 20 degrees. So as the day warmed up, it started right up at about 55 degrees. Three times in the last few days, after starting and about 1/2 mile down the road, the engine dies. Just dies. And it doesn't start right back up immediately.
Has gas, has a battery that is always on a tender. Plenty of ability to turn over the engine.

Here is a kicker before someone tells me it's grounding out. After that one time per outing when it dies and it warms up. it does not die which makes me think it's not electrical.
What defies logic is why both cylinders die simultaneously which does make it seem electrical in nature. Snowbum's carb page states that my reported symptom is characteristic of needle and jet wear. Dying shortly after starting.

Anyone have a similar experience?