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Thread: Touratech Top Case Modification

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    Lightbulb Touratech Top Case Modification

    Anyone else out there troubled when you close the Touratech Top Case and you pinch the stop cable between the body of the case and the top? I was. Here is my small and inexpensive modification to stop the pinch!

    Go to your local hardware and purchase a light-weight 2" spring that expands effortlessly to about 4 inches. Replace the hinge bracket screw with a screw that is about 1/4 inch longer so you have enough room to place the spring, a washer and a nut over the end of the screw. Obviously, attach the other end of the spring to the lid stop cable.

    Works perfectly.... as you close the lid the spring will gently pull the cable toward the inside of the case.

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    Nice idea

    Glad I looked at your thread.

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    I did exactly the same thing with my BMW Adventure cases which use a similar cable stay (and are made by Touratech for BMW). It does work very well.
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    I just removed the cable on the lower side (when parked on side stand). Having only the other cable works fine for the purpose and removing the other eliminated the pesky cable pinching that happened.
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