Helibars: Horizon bars for the K1600 GTL are DONE!!!
I just received the email telling me that the Horizon bars for the K1600 are finished!!! They adjust in three dimensions; elevation, distance from rider, and wrist angle. I've not seen the bike yet and we've not even scheduled when I get to pick it up but they sent photos and said I could post their comments! Here is what Harry Eddy, the developer says about them;

0-3" Taller
0-4" Rear Offset
1" Wider
Retail Price $695.00

We will be shipping first units by April 26th.

Please feel free to share the info on the forums. Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is Harry's take on the bars:
I have them set close to stock position but about 1 1/2 inches higher and with a completely different wrist angle. They are 1" wider which noticeably increases leverage and makes the thing feel 300 lbs lighter! Installation is a simple 1hr deal.

2012 GTL
Hudson, MA