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Thread: New BMW dealership in Bellingham

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    New BMW dealership in Bellingham

    "BMW Motorcycles of Bellingham" is the temporary sign on a newish space next to Wilson Furniture on the frontage road to I-5 north of Slater Road. The guys opening it have had a Ural dealership on the Guide Meridian. Beside BMW, they'll sell Ural, Victory and Indian. The location makes me think they are counting on Vancouver rather than Seattle riders to make it fly. I'll be happy not to have to go down to Ride West for every little thing...

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    They will probably not rely on Whatcom Co. that's for sure knowing that a Harley dealership recently closed. The owner is originally from California where he owned a couple motorcycle shops.


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    BMW in Bellingham

    This is good news. I will have to give them a visit.

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