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Thread: Camp Stove for Bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by cchoc View Post
    Another vote for Jetboil.
    The Jetboil seems to be very popular. I need to take a closer look at it.

    A friend of mine has the Jetboil and his only complaint is the that the heat is rather concentrated in a small area of the pot. Says it's great if you are mainly heating up water but not worth a flip for real cooking. I find this odd, considering all of the different pots and stuff available for the
    Jetboil system. Maybe you guys can pass some wisdom on to a newbie like myself.

    My friend decided to pick up a MSR Reactor for himself and pass the Jet Boil on to his wife. Anyone use a Reactor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Downs View Post
    As you can see it goes from barely any flame to "Saturn V".

    That looks like a great stove for the price. One question maybe you can answer. It appears that the flame is rather concentrated so I was wondering if you had experience using it with something larger than a cup or coffee pot... in other words how might it work with a frying pan or pot? Does it heat evenly or just create a hot spot in the middle?
    Quote Originally Posted by Texpaul View Post

    I would like to know that myself.
    I used it with a copper bottom cook pan. It deifnatly has a hot spot on bigger pots/pans. No way around that due to the flame shape. Running the burner on a low setting and heating slowly seems to work but it's probably not very efficient fuel usage wise.

    It will boil water at an alarming rate though lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKERSH1 View Post
    For a low cost alternative to jetboil check out this at "Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove with Piezo Ignition 3.9oz!" $8.42 inc shipping.
    Here's a link to Amazon for it.

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    I've heard that the metal plate that closes off the common metal double electrical junction box helps diffuse the hot spot for a stove with a concentrated flame. Any hardware/home store has these for less than a buck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amiles View Post
    I've heard that the metal plate that closes off the common metal double electrical junction box helps diffuse the hot spot for a stove with a concentrated flame. Any hardware/home store has these for less than a buck.
    Oh, you mean my side stand plate.
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    PRIMUS Himalaya VariFuel stove.

    Compact (folds up) and top quality (all metal).
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    Check out stove/cooksets by "Trangia"- a Swedish company specialising in lightweight compact gear for backpacking. I've had mine for 30 years and it still works great- no valves or moving parts and it will burn Isopropyl alcohol that is cheap and readily available in drug stores. No empty cannisters to dispose of !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkersh1 View Post
    For a low cost alternative to jetboil check out this at "Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove with Piezo Ignition 3.9oz!" $8.42 inc shipping.
    After replying earlier that my LP gas bottle stove is fine with the 49L topcase, I read jkersh1's post about this cheap Piezo Ignition stove, found it on Amazon, then even better on ebay for $6.87, free shipping (from China). Took 5 weeks to get here but works great and fits inside my stainless coffee mug with the fuel canister. Smaller Butane/LP mix gas canisters burn hotter and take up less room. Nice find, thanks!

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    Too bad that Chinese one wasn't available when I bought my similar idea Soto from REI. The Soto is Japanese and costs a bunch more, has its own igniter- though I always carry strike anywhere matches when camping just in case. It cooks fine and doesn't need anything beyond lowest heat for a small frying pan. Gas canisters last a week, approx. I weigh mine after a trip (in g, on a scale I use to weigh hops for brewing) and write it on the can with magic marker so I know how full each is). On high boils water in about a 1 1/2 min...

    That twig burner is cool but its twice as large as what carry, including the size of my gas. And I charge stuff of the bike. Backpacking stoves raise different issues than what one carries on a bike unless its a GS type going into very remote areas..

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    I still use my old MSR G/K mult-fuel stove. I like the spark ignition and if I need more fuel, I just drain some out of the tank. I picked up a MSR WhisperLite and used it on my last road trip but it wasn't as convenient as the old stove since I now needed to carry matches. I also have a Coleman multi-fuel stove but it's too heavy and "tippy". Too tall and the same with most of the canister stoves. It's all down to how you plan on using it.
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    Another JetBoil user here.
    I used it daily on a 21 day trip to Alaska, camping every night.
    I used three canisters of fuel. And lots of Starbucks Via.
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    Depending on the trip. I use either the Jetboil or a ZZStove by Sierra. The ZZ uses sticks for fuel and an AA battery for the blower. With burning wood, I have no trouble scavenging for fuel and also get the serenity that comes along with building the fire.

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    Riding to the Rally in July, I'll be packing the Jetboil. Already stocked up on fuel and a coffee press.
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    Hacked Jetboil and Svea123

    I have a jetboil setup too. BUT I sometimes take this Svea123r and a jetboil that I got which the PO had chopped off the bottom. The Svea fits inside and can be used with gas and cooks better with a 8 inch cast iron frypan than the jetboil. The ring is just a coffee can opening from a cardboard can.
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    I've used a Coleman single burner naptha stove for about 30 years, it sits in my tank panier with a square army mess kit and a 500ml fuel bottle.

    Works great............Rod.
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    Esbit stove

    I'll be trying some mc camping for the first time and found an Esbit pocket stove for $11.00 bucks at EMS. It folds up into about a 3" x 3" flat piece. Not sure camping will be for me so this should work for just boiling some water.

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