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Thread: Fully Loaded F800 GT Price

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    Fully Loaded F800 GT Price

    I am trying to determine the price of a fully loaded F800 GT

    Hard cases, tail case, heated seats and grips, center stand

    Anything else ?

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    I don't think the GT has heated seats as an option.

    Check out for more info but IIRC a fully loaded model comes in somewhere between 13 and 14grand.

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    I would call or email a dealer, list the options you want, and ask for the list price.
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    i am only gonna chime in here to say that

    is a good egg...

    and it is a baby org from this org... but all talk is about the twin engine... and there is a bunch of it...

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    I just picked up an F700GS with ASC, ESA, TPM, heated grips, center stand, F800GS tinted wind screen, Altrider bash plate, crash bars, luggage rack, and BMW Adventure cases. Full price was a touch over 15k. The base 800 starts about 2k more so you can get an idea from what i paid.
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    Fully Loaded F800 GT Price

    Picked up one last month. Base price $11,890. Safety package ( ASC, TPM, ESA) $795. Luxury package (Bag mounts, center stand, heated grips, on board computer) $505. Destination $495. Total $13,685.

    Have a set of bag and tank bag waiting at dealer. Understand that will be under $1150.

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    Cool Luggage Options

    The pictures of the new GT that have bags look pretty good. Until 2013, the BMW bags for the F 800ST were ugly and small. I added a top case from Amazon for $100 and it hooks into the lights. I added Givi 35's and brackets from Twisted Throttle and those were about $650 total. Not too hard to find a GT with the trip computer and heated grips so the luggage choices give you options.:
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