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Thread: Need longer footpegs for R1100RT

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    Need longer footpegs for R1100RT

    Advice Needed: I have a knee issue which doesnt allow turning the right foot inward to accommodate my foot such that I can comfortably use the rear brake pedal and let my foot ride more comfortably on the peg (i.e. more room). So I'm looking for a slightly longer footpeg (I've already extended the brake pedal). I see lots of info on lowering, which I have done but now need to extend the peg outward a bit. I'm not a serious canyon carver so am not too concerned about loosing cornering clearance. I noticed some aftermarket 1100GS pegs are longer than stock - would they fit the RT? The other option is Illium floor boards but they are pricey!

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    If you are considering the Illium floorboards but do not want to pay the big $ you can try putting an ad in the Wanted Section of the Flea Market and see what turns up. Worth a try.


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