I know there have been plenty of talk about different riding jackets and sorry to start a new thread on riding jackets.

I am in search of a new riding jacket and looking for not only to be able to wear in the summer but a warm jacket for riding in the winter season.

I have a Women Olympia riding jacket that have served me well in the past that no longer fits me... I am searching for a riding jacket that may possibly be better warmer than the Olympia riding jacket. The Olympia liner seamed to be a very good liner.

While looking around for a new riding jacket, I have been having my eye on the First Gear Kilimanjaro Women's jacket. The review I have read about this jacket seems to be good reviews.... the liner looks like it is a good liner.. the jacket overall seems to be good to where it would be warm for winter riding season. I have not seen this jacket in person to be able to try it on as well as be able to tell if it could possibly be a warmer jacket than the Olympia Jacket...

I decided to send RevZilla an email asking for advice and they suggested the Dainese Women's Tenporale D-Dry Jacket or the Joe Rocket Women's Alter Ego 3.0 Jacket would suit me the best in which I am looking for.

I also am looking to be able to layer with the jacket as I know I will need to have layers even though the jacket may have a liner.

A waterproof jacket would also be nice to where I wouldn't have to worry about getting wet in a little rain to where I won't have to stop to put on a rain suit.

Does anyone have any experiences with these jackets to where one jacket would be warmer during the winter over another one that has a good liner to help stay warm? I have little poundage around the stomach area to where I am looking for a jacket that will fit better in this aspect especially for layering if necessary.

Any advice, experiences, and/or opinions would greatly be appreciated it.

Thanks in advance.