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Oh, the humanity!

To think, a nice old Airhead put together with Ace Hardware/Home Depot/McMaster Carr fasteners!

And while we're at it, lets use goop from PepBoys (antiseize).

Lots and lots of these bikes have truly exited the scene, haven't they? That includes these.

Sorry, BMW ... it's almost as if you shouldn't build them so well that when they get old they suffer such indignities.
That is an interesting perspective. I have never heard that before. None of the fasteners have any BMW markings. The McMaster-Carr fasteners meet DIN 912-A4 specifications, which is likely better or par with fasteners sold by BMW.

Certainly, the stainless fastener 'kits' sold are not 'official BMW'. If BMW were to sell marked fasteners, that would be a much more persuasive argument for using 'genuine BMW bolts'. Perhaps that would be an appropriate subject for your letter of complaint to BMW?