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Thread: radar and laser protection

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    Happy Escort 9500ix user here = works as advertised at least for this user

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    Quote Originally Posted by IDisposable View Post
    No, sudden LOSS of speed kills. Ask Ayrton Senna.
    Senna died from head injuries related to a piece of the front suspension piercing his helmet visor inflicting serious brain trauma. He would have survived the crash if not for that. The cause was either the steering column breaking or a tire puncture.
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    One of the things I appreciate about my 9500ix RD is that it alerts me to road work or LEO who are pulled to the side of the road. This is something I find safety related, particularly at night on curvy back roads or on hilly roads. Attention levels go way up and I can anticipate something coming up, big help for LEO or emergency vehicles ahead of me. I also do speed but I just can't ride 55, however, safety is my priority but I just can't poke along unless views are great but then again, that is when I/we would pull over and enjoy the view.

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