Got pulled over yesterday doing 72 in a 55 by the sheriff of the county I live in. He was coming toward me following close behind another car. I never saw him until his lights came on. I just pulled over before he even made his U turn.
I had met him once a couple years ago while getting my RT registered. When he approached me I acted like an old friend and with my most neighborly attitude I could muster. How're you doing sheriff . I could tell he didn't recognize me and gave him my name and where I lived. He was friendly and asked about my bike. I was loaded up with a big duffel bag full of camping gear. He asked if I was going on a trip and I explained that I wasn't leaving until Saturday and that I was just checking out the new bike to see how it handled with a load ( which is true). He was amazed at the size of my side cases.
The only thing he mentioned was that my speed would be appropriate on a highway but not here. And went back to his cruiser. Nice

A lucky day