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So you've been using the transmitter and I've been using the receiver for 30 years or more and why is it that I get your perspective and experience, while you don't get mine? Pop alerts are nothing new. When they happen, every good radar receiver in the neighborhood knows there is a cop in the area. Yeah, instant-on can be a hazard, but there's a high probability the cop is around the bend, on a cross street, or targeting someone else. I get alerts all the time before there is visual contact between me and John Law. You've said how you travel at 7 or 8 over, and plenty of towns where I live nail you for that on secondary roads. That's why I use a detector. I need to keep my license to earn a living and I want to know when there's somebody around trying to take it away from me -- my riding and driving is conservative, but I don't always have my eyes glued to the speedo. Never had a ticket when using the detector -- 50k miles a year for the past 35 years.
I think the reason you and I don't see eye to eye is in your very own words "I want to know when there's somebody around trying to take it away from me -- ," refering to getting caught for speeding.

Your comment paints the law enforcement officer as the bad guy "trying to take your license away" and the motorcyclist who is choosing to break the law as the good guy. Not a philosophy I'd ever wrap my head around, so we go our separate ways on this discussion.

And it's not as black and white as "I transmit and you receive." I transmited only when it was time to document my evidence of excessive speeding, so my transmission is intended for an individual target. True - that signal can be detected by others in the vicinity who are also speeding; but after I have dealt with that motorist, I return to a stealth posture that all the radar detectors in the world can't discover until it's too late. That was my point.

I realize I'm tilting at windmills here - those who wish to break speed laws will spend the $$$ and put their faith in detectors. Those who are charged with keeping roads safe will, with proper training, have no difficulty whatsoever defeating such 'defenses.' Age-old game of cat-and-mouse, except that with the ability of an LEO to withhold any detectable signal until needed, the 'cat' is now invisible.

Sometimes, LEO's run radar to intimidate a large volume of traffic into slowing down - what we call passive enforcement, with no aggressive effort at issuing 'performance awards.' Other times, cops can just be lazy and leave their units on 24/7 - not hard to avoid those geniuses. Certain jurisdictions use strict enforcement as a revenue stream - I don't respect them any more than you do.

But for the well-trained radar operator, not a gizmo out there will save you. Better to slow down and spend your $$$ on something else for the bike.

As for the OP, I hope he finds the detector unit he wishes to spend his money on.