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Thread: R1100GS Transmission problem Input shaft shims - HELP!

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    R1100GS Transmission problem Input shaft shims - HELP!

    Greetings from a lurker! I confess I am not one who is not very good about posting on the forum. But the info here is great and really appreciated.

    I have 95 R1100GS with 100K mi on it. It is the tug for a DMC sidecar. It is currently in small pieces all over my garage. The following projects are in process:

    - Cyl. Heads off for a valve job
    - clutch job and spline lube
    - replacing the Fuel Dist. Spider that cracked on fuel hose removal
    - Fuel injectors cleaned, fuel filter & all hoses to be replaced.
    - Transmission rebuild Input shaft bearings shot.

    I desperately need help on the transmission issue. Can anyone help me with info on how to shim the input shaft after the new clean roller bearings are installed to replace the tapered roller bearings that failed. Rear bearing was toast and front bearing had excessive play. It is an M94 box, splines, forks, & other bearings are good. My intent is to replace the input shaft bearings and all four seals.

    I have a little experience with transmissions; having rebuilt ones from 40s & 50s cars in my younger days. But nothing was that precise back then. I dont have a dial indicator gauge, but I can get one at Harbor Frt. I do have a basic understanding of how to use one.

    I have searched several forums, but I cannot find any instructions for how to measure the end play or preload on the shafts. Primary concern is with the input shaft since the rest of the bearings appear to be fine.

    Thanks any help will be appreciated.

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    Tranny questions

    Hello and welcome! Please visit this site and browse around to find his very good piece on the M94 transmission.
    This member has recently rebuilt his M94. You might try a message to him.

    Ken F

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    Here is a link to his post in another forum.
    Good luck, there's help out there.
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