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    Vario Cases wasted space

    any good ideas on how to best make use of the wasted space of the left side vario case ?

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    Sell them and buy something else.

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    Good place to stuff soft items like rain gear, towel or rag.
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    I've thought about making some sort of rack or shelf using ABS plastic or something similar to hold soft items up and out of the way - first aid kit, towel, etc. I just haven't got a round tuit to duit yet.
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    I once saw (on the internet) a guy who had taken 1/4" plywood and made shelves/dividers to fit inside his saddlebag to compartmentalize his camp cookware, stove, ect.
    Looked pretty easy to do, though a little tideoous to make fit the contoured areas of the system cases.

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    I put a luggage strap loop in the top section, ran a strap through it and used it to hold my tool roll kit in the upper section.
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