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Yes, all of that dirt was poured out of a spark plug. It was in the space between the electrode and the body. I got the same amount out of the other one.
Perhaps the dirt is a 'red herring'. You took out old plugs, which did not have dirt in them, then put new ones in, and the bike has not run with the new plugs, correct? I take a WAG that when fitting the new plugs into the hole, dirt from the channel in the heads that leads to the hole was knocked loose and into the spark plugs. You may be very lucky that the motor didn't start with this dirt introduced into the engine!

I take another WAG that there is another reason the bike wont turn over, unrelated to the 'dirt' since it 'froze up' with the old plugs still in it at your work last January. I suspect some sort of mis alignment with the starter causing it to drag?

If my facts, as I understand them, are wrong, then never mind!