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Thread: Mt. Magazine Park, Petit Jean Park, and other NW Arkansas areas this summer

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    Mt. Magazine Park, Petit Jean Park, and other NW Arkansas areas this summer

    I just finished booking my rooms for a three day ride in northwest Arkansas. If anyone is planning to stay at a state park this spring/summer in the area, you best start booking now. I had to adjust my travel dates to fit when there were vacancies in the park's lodges. (I don't camp!)

    We're heading south from Branson on 65 to Harrison AR, then going a variety of State Highways (16, 7, 21, and others) to Mt Magazine Park, then across to Petit Jean State Park and stay for two days. Petit Jean has some wonderful hiking trails, so we plan on spending a day hiking. Some trails are quite challenging and fun, not just a bulldozer path through the woods. They actually require some climbing and effort! And there is a 90 foot waterfall on one of the trails.
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    We spent an afternoon in Petit Jean Park on our meandering route to Sedalia last summer. Very scenic, have fun! There is a fairly interesting aotomotive museum close to there.
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    We have camped at Petit Jean a couple times and stayed at the lodge once. Nice park.
    Last fall I tried several dates at Mt Magazine Lodge, but all the dates that would work for our travel time were full. Seems like I checked a couple months ahead.

    If you have time, you might like Pedestal Rock and King's Bluff trails located a little east of the hwy 7 and 16 intersetion.
    Each trail is approx. 2 miles long.

    Try to find a spot on the trail where you can get under the bluffs.
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