Sorry, just not enough electronically savvy to understand this.

My BMW Airflow jacket has a pocket labled for cellphone and touted as "radiation shielded." Labeled "no radiation," actually.

Hard for me to know what this means and why I need it, as I don't think my phone is at risk or otherwise often affected when I'm not on my bike and/or not wearing this jacket.

Is this something to do with RF from ignition system, fuel pump, whatever?

My biggest question is does putting phone in this pocket block it from transmitting Bluetooth to, say, my Navigator IV? Well, first things first, does it block incoming phone signals? I frankly can't answer if there's a difference between "radiation" and whatever sort of radio signals are involved in cellular telephony and Bluetooth. To quote Lombardi, "what the **** is going on here?"

TIA for your insight on this.