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Thread: Burgman 650? 400? Opinions please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kantuckid View Post
    Thanks for the hospitality gesture! Actually I'm "chomping at the bit" to do just that. Not only did I not get in my Mexico ride, winter has been hanging on here. Been boiling my maple sap in the snow today then run to the shop & put some more parts on a MC, then back. We have Suzuki place ~ 20k form me but they are new owners & lean on atv's mostly. I rode their 2012 Wee-strom back in late summer & it was a nice ride but The bike had been put together by Fred Flinstone & actually was not safe in some ways-have to be a real deal to buy there. I did read some on ADV today on the Aprilia Scarebo 500 which is much the same as Piaggio 500 & several there like them a bunch but say the Italians are sluggish when you need a part for the scoots or their bikes. There's one on Ebay now that has a very informative ad from a true/rider/seller. My bikes sitting & ready to go. I'll probably stay nearer to where you guys live this time as that last motel further south is kinda shop worn!
    I will chime in here and say that if we can coordinate this effort , you are welcome to ride my 650 Burgman at the same time.

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    I say we have a faceoff of scoots! I did read an Aprilia Scarebo comment the guy said he had fun easily beating his buddies fire breathing Ford F150 in a green light dual. maybe thats where the term cliche "it really scoots" comes from?
    "If I had my life to live over, I'd dare to make more mistakes next time...I'd relax,I'd limber up... I would take fewer things seriously...take more chances... take more trips...climb more mountains...swim more more ice cream." Jorge Luis Borges at age 85.

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