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Thread: 2 new Fs in the family:)

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    2 new Fs in the family:)

    Just down payment'd for the F800GS and F700GS to be delivered next week. They go great alongside my GSA1200. This makes for 4 F bikes(2 singles, 2 twins), one KLR and one GSA1200. A Family FULL of adventure bikes. I am the old guy in the family(Dad) and I guess my young ones have taken notice all these years. A question has risen its head??? ESA or NOT, ASC or NOT? I am a NOT vote, but maybe its my old ways! Anybody LIKE these add on safety features and easy adjust shocks? My biggest complaint to the kids has been the HIGH replace costs of such, fulling knowing many go the standard shock when time comes. Otherwise, making room in the garage to park more bikes, a happy event here. Randy

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    Great Randy! I have been enjoying my F800gs, chances are you will too. I don't know about the ESA, I did lower mine 2". Good luck with them. Gary
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    Excellent!'ll have a bike or two to spare when I come to visit?

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    Wish I could have found a used GS F-twin when I was shopping. I wound up with a used 07 ST F-twin.

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    I have ESA on my 1300GT and really like it.
    Ordered it for my 700GS that I pick up on Friday
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    Your gonna love those new F-GSs, you may even find yourself choosing them over the big girl.

    As for the ESA, I like it on my K1200GT, but I don't think it's something I'd bother with on my GS. I'm presently getting Ohlins front and rear for my F800GS for more adjustability and control. For my needs on the GS, that is a better direction than the ESA. If you plan to do more highway than backroads, then the ESA might be OK.
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