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Thread: Need recommendation on computer router.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIBUD View Post
    On a serious, but potentially misinformed, note I have heard that a Wireless-n router will offer greater range and speed than a Wireless-g unit. Of course, your computer wireless adapters have to be Wireless-n to take advantage of that benefit.
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    Yeah, I know you should be able to make it work, but if its somebody else's hotspot, good luck with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARKAZ View Post
    I never had any problem with my WRT54G connecting to my Macs/iPads/iPhones/Android/Nook/Kindle/Windows/Linux boxes. If you do, one or the other or both are mis-configured. Except for that (e.g. setting the Mac to connect only to N networks, which the 54G can't do), there's no technical reason why the Apple or Windows or whatever won't work with a Linksys. For the most part, networking is networking.

    OTOH, the Apple routers do work well, altho using the Time Machine feature with non-Apple computers can be challenging. The thing I don't like about them is that the configuration you can do is pretty limited, nothing like the other routers. And the price...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkoreis View Post
    Next thing we know, Bud is going to start an oil thread.

    I like my Airport Extreme. Ours has handled three computers, Netflix and a couple of phones/iPods simultaneously without complaining. If I have my iPod with me when walking home, it picks up the router over a block away.


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    I was thinking about it till the March ON came today with the largest oil thread in ON history.

    Next thing you know it will be ATGATT or ??????

    I sure like the specs on the Airport Extreme. Not the price so much.
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