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Thread: Shock for R100/7

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    Shock for R100/7

    Hi, need rear shocks for my baby, Any advice... Thanks Doug

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    I like Works Performance Shocks they are rebuildable,

    Had mine for about 15 years 1 rebuild.
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    Koni, now ikon, is another shock that is good, and rebuilable. My Motorsport had them on when I sold it. They were installed in 1985 and I rebuilt them once. I put Ikon's on my Triumph, they worked well too and looked just like the Koni's.

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    iKons are virtually the same as the old Konis. IIRC, iKon got all of the old stock and even the part numbers are the same.
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    I put on IKON's because at the time, everybody told me to get a set of Koni's, which no longer existed. Yes, the part numbers are even the same.

    I've been very satisfied with them. I got mine from Bob's BMW, but I'm sure there are multiple sources.
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